StencilBox® is designed by and for graphic artists in response to the need to conserve the stencil that will enable printmaking template. The stencil is an artistic printing technique in which he desired design is cut out of the selected medium and then the image is transferred to a surface through the use of paint. It is a technique used since ancient times which has been popular in street art from the 60s to the present.

StencilBox® is a wooden box where the stencil is cut out on acetate and protected by a wooden frame.

We handcrafted our StencilBox® using the best materials to ensure the highest quality. StencilBox®.

Plywood has a high resistance and protection. StencilBox is conveniently lightweight. StencilBox®, Acetate is perfect for reproduction in series of graphic work because its surface is smooth and rigid but easy to cut and 100% imperbeable — allowing for rapid copies.This acetate is surrounded by a wooden frame that serves as a guide for the stencil inside StencilBox®, providing greater rigidity and protection of the work and also prevents the paint from sticking to the margins.